5 Simple Tips on Gaining and Retaining Website Visitors

This is a brief look into five simple tips to help you gain and retain website visitors. This is in no way meant to be a comprehensive guide, as it is always best to tailor your digital strategy to your individual website’s purpose. It is important to customize any campaign to fit the needs and interests of your target audience.

The goals of most webmasters are quite similar. They are akin to this:

  1. Get indexed
  2. Climb up the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  3. Gain traffic
  4. Convert visitors into customers/clients
  5. Keep them coming back

I’ve put together a list of five basic tips to help you do just that here:

Tip #1: Be Responsive

With so many different devices and browsers to choose from, website responsiveness will continue to gain importance. A responsive website is capable of adapting to different screen resolutions and sizes. On a mobile device, content should load quickly and be legible without the need to zoom. If your visitors know your website is accessible on all of their devices, they will be more likely to come back. Make it easy for your visitors to become repeat visitors!

Tip #2: Keep it Fresh

Updating your website with fresh content is crucial. First, your visitors are more likely to return if they know there is going to be something new to see. Additionally, fresh content helps your site climb the SERPs because search engine robots will crawl it more often to see what has been added and what is new that needs to be indexed. This will, of course, bring more traffic to your website as it gets closer to the top of the organic search results.

Tip #3: Blog it Out

Because blogs are so search engine friendly, they are indexed rather quickly. Creating a reciprocal link between your website and blog will direct those who visit and/or follow your blog to your website, as well as contribute to your natural link building efforts, which is still an important off-page element of Organic SEO. Blogs can also be viewed as fresh content that brings your visitors back to read new entries. Make sure a link to your website is featured prominently on your blog. If they like what they read on your blog, they will likely be interested in taking a closer look at what you do!

Tip #4: Get Social

Supply your visitors with a list of tried-and-true, free online business and social networks, preferably some of which you or your company are already a member, and don’t be afraid to promote your company’s social profiles. The more you interact with your visitors, the more likely they are to become customers/clients. Additionally, business networks can be a great way for your visitors to give their own company a boost. Consider starting your own network, incorporating your business/company name into the title. This can assist in getting your company’s name “out there” so people will recognize it, and it will help establish you as an expert in your field, which is always good!

Tip #5: Give a Gift

Give your visitors gifts because they appreciate it. They will be more likely to return and recommend your website to others. You can offer things like free consultations, free quotes, free daily horoscopes, free graphics, free quizzes, or anything else that pertains to your specific content. When you change and/or update your freebies, it also counts as fresh content, which will place you higher in the organic search results.

I hope these have given you some helpful hints for your own website. What has worked for you in the past? Are you experimenting with new interactive ideas and techniques? Please feel free to leave your own tips and tricks in the comments!

By: Danielle Dandridge

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