A bit about me…

Hi there! I'm elle.

I began my adventures in web design and front end development in late 2001 when I was expecting my third (& last) child. I have over 12 years of experience in Organic SEO, more than 8 years of Social Media experience, and about 3 years of experience with WordPress.

Additionally, I've been writing articles & white papers in my industry for more than a decade, a HuffPost contributor for just over a year, and have recently branched out into other areas of writing. I am also a contributing photographer at Getty Images with more than 325 photos (& counting) featured over the last couple of years, a lover of art of all kinds, and a passionate advocate for human rights.

But most importantly, I am the proud mom of three creative teens (Save Sarah Now, Pseudosalient Mashup, & Zen Art), as well as the pragmatic dreamer behind the d6 Collaborative network for artists & content creators of all kinds. 🙂

Please contact me if you have any questions about d6 Collab, are interested in joining early, would like to hire me, want to suggest a collaboration, or for any other inquiries! I look forward to hearing from you!