Using Brand Voice Development to Create Clarity & Prosperity

Hi there! I’m elle…

Can you keep a secret?

Lean in… I have a “superpower”! Wanna know what it is? I have the innate ability to identify & magnify YOUR superpower to help you develop a unique & authentic brand voice that attracts more of the clients who LOVE your work & that YOU actually want to work with!

What exactly does that mean?

It means collaborating to develop a website, messaging, social media campaigns, &/or overall digital strategy that speaks directly to your target audience and tells them everything they need to know about how & why they should work with you &/or purchase your artwork or content.

Why work with me?

A natural “teacher” (in my own unconventional way), I’ve always been driven to help others however I can, and I’m passionate about providing practical solutions that deliver real results for Creative Entrepreneurs just like you! In fact, you might say that my business is your business and your passion is my passion!

“Why,” you ask?

Because I, too, am a Creative Entrepreneur! So I have a deep understanding of your unique needs & specific pain points, such as content ownership, protection, monetization, & strategy. And I’ve always been a big believer in sharing what I learn, especially if the lesson was hard-fought. But not just that, I have spent the last three years designing, developing, building, & maintaining a social network that solves all of the aforementioned problems!

My Simple Formula

Putting it all together…

brand voice development + trust-building + content protection & monetization


audience/fan-base growth + authority + increased revenue

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