What’s d6Collab?

d6 Collaborative, or d6Collab, is a labor of love I’ve been working on for over a year. As a community-minded web designer/developer and collaboration-oriented creator of multiple types of content, living in a house full of artists of all mediums, I realized the necessity for a network specifically built not only to help content creators display & monetize their own work, but also to connect, collaborate, and create amazing digital art &/or multimedia projects they couldn’t produce alone!

I’m very excited to share this community with you! I’ve been the sole designer, developer, & network administrator since the inception of this project, so it is currently in a closed beta phase. If you would like to join early and be a part of this exclusive testing phase by getting your own portfolio now, please check out these special offers and begin the process while you still can! (All proceeds go directly back into d6Collab’s development.) 

Before we can launch to the public, I’m going to need help with some super important things like “legal stuff” (i.e. incorporating, taxes, copyright law, etc.), marketing, app, theme & plugin development, and so on. So, I am continuing to plan a crowdfunding campaign; however, my funding goal will be considerably lower than it would have been just a few months ago, as I continue to make progress all on my own! (See here if you’re ready to donate to d6Collab directly right now! I appreciate your generosity! Please have a look at these Donor Perks.)

If you see the benefit of this type of network, the countless lives it will touch, are interested in joining & helping beta test, or would like to be a part of d6Collab’s story in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Alternatively, if you’d like to be put on the membership waiting list & receive occasional progress reports, please see here. Thanks a bunch!

ALL donations are greatly appreciated and will be put toward the further development of d6Collab’s multitude of security features, infrastructure, network & subsites, community, associated apps, branding, marketing & promotional materials, legal guidance, etc. I appreciate your support! (Please check out my Donor Perks! 😉 ) Or, you can sign up for periodic updates on my upcoming crowdfunding campaign here