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If you are an existing affiliate, please log in to access your control panel. And thank you! Let's help some Creative Entrepreneurs find solutions that work while making some money together, too! (It's a win-win-win!)

If you are not an affiliate but wish to become one, please feel free to sign up! I'd love to have you! It's free, I promise not to spam you, and I would never sell or rent any of your data or information to anyone. Ever. Please register now to get started!

Not sure if this is the right program for you?

Who should join my affiliate program?

  • You have a decent social media following that is engaged with you & your content on at least one of the popular social networks. (i.e. you have at least 250 Facebook friends &/or fans, Twitter followers, &/or Instagram followers - other highly engaged audiences may work too.) Do you have to have that many? Naw! Even if you just know a couple of people you think would be interested and would like to make a little commission while helping me make a few sales, that's awesome, too, and very much appreciated!
  • You have at least 250 "creatives" on your own email list already.
  • You have your own website that gets regular traffic consisting of Creative Entrepreneurs, artists of any medium, &/or content creators.
  • You already do some affiliate marketing of similar products &/or services on your site or wouldn't mind adding it.
  • You sell your own products &/or services to Creative Entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, etc.

You do not have to have all of these things. A following on social media that includes creatives, an email list that is geared toward them, or a website or blog with an appropriate, target audience will do.

Why should you join?

  • High Commissions - If you sign up now, you will always receive 35% commissions! (Those who join after my initial launch will still earn 20% on everything they sell!)
  • Earn on Your Own Purchases - Why shouldn't you get a "discount" on the products you sell? (Some will be completely free to affiliates in the future when this program is further developed!)
  • Support a Creative Entrepreneur - I'm not a corporation. I'm a single mom & the kind of entrepreneur I serve, and I'm in the midst of developing so many helpful resources for my "tribe"! When you sell a product, you're helping me help others, as well as just plain helping me support my family & my dreams.
  • Help Support d6Collab - The more money I earn, the more I can put back into d6Collab, and the sooner I can launch it to the public & help even more content creators!
  • I Provide The Content ("Creatives") - I'll provide all the content you need to promote my products, including ideas of what to say about them, so all you have to do is post it &/or place it on your website/blog. You can modify the text to be in your own voice if you want to, though.

A Peek Inside My Mind

I'm about to tell you a secret. So, it's true I only have a few products at the moment, one of which is a premium WordPress theme, called Evolution Pro, that is selling for just $49 right now. (Regular price will be $99.) However, this is only the beginning...

Other Premium WordPress Themes Under Development Now!

I have two more premium themes under development right now to be sold at the same price as Evolution Pro with plans to develop at least a few more at different price points. At the launch price of $49, with a 35% commission, you'll make about $17 for each theme you sell. Your commission on premium themes at the regular price of $99 will be about $34 every time you sell a theme through your affiliate link. (Unless you wait to join. Then you'll earn about $9.80 at $49 or $19.80 at full price.)

What sets my themes apart from other premium WordPress themes? In other words, why should someone buy my themes instead of one from a more established author?

  1. They are built to give intuitive guidance on setting up each page. You can easily edit each section, and I've included helpful hints on what types of calls-to-action & content to place where, so it helps people who are just starting out. I may be wrong, but I've never seen any other premium theme that does this!
  2. I'm also working on a free eBook that will give further instruction, a video workshop or "minicourse" on how to further customize the theme to follow along with for probably around $199-$250 (Most WordPress theme documentation is pretty dry & boring, if not totally confusing. I'll give easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to set up each page & customize the theme in the WordPress customizer with screenshots as well as other engaging content), & eCourses that will give even more information & in-depth instruction on exactly how to build a WordPress website that protects & monetizes content, specifically geared toward Creative Entrepreneurs because I understand their unique needs best!
  3. They get personal support from the theme author (me) for at least the first 6 months! (I may extend this if I find that it's feasible to offer enough support past that.) That means I will personally help them troubleshoot any issue that might arise in at least the first 6 months after purchase.

But these won't be anyone's bread and butter...

The eCourse is Where the Magic Will Happen!

(Please Note: Package names are subject to change. I'm still in the creation process, but I wanted you to know where my business plans are headed.)

I am currently developing an eCourse on how to create a WordPress website that protects & monetizes content specifically for Creative Entrepreneurs (that won't be the course name, though), and it will be available at different price points with varying amounts of information & content types so I can help even more people with different budgets! None of this is set in stone yet, but here's where I'm starting...

The Starter eCourse

This will be the first one I finish & launch. It is designed to give the Creative Entrepreneur easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to set up each main page that a basic site should have (i.e. homepage, about page, services page, & contact page), and how to generally customize a theme in the WordPress customizer (most common panels for popular free themes) with plenty of screenshots. It will be a "static" downloadable course packed with easily digestible information that will help get a burgeoning entrepreneur up & running.

As of now, it will be priced between $350 & $500, giving you a commission of $122.50-$175 if you join now or $70-$100 if you join at the 20% commission rate. The starter eCourse will be an "evergreen" course that I can sell over & over again with just a little bit of updating necessary on occasion, which may encourage past students to purchase the newest version if the first worked well for them & they just need to update some things. This will launch when it's complete, and I'll be working on releasing the next one...

The Multimedia Experience

This one will build on the starter course for those who want/need more instruction, will include some video lessons for even more help, and one of my premium themes + the Genesis Framework + access to my "minicourse" on customizing the theme! It will also include help with basic search engine optimization of the theme itself (as my premium themes have this functionality built-in) & page metadata, content creation ideas for each page, & even some lead magnet generation tips! This one will also be "evergreen" as it will not contain any "live content." However, students will have lifetime access to the eCourse, which means they'll always have the most up-to-date version to update their own sites with!

It will probably cost between $1000 & $1500, which is a $350-$525 commission at 35% or $200-$300 at 20%! This will also launch when it's complete, and I'll be working on the BIG one...

The Everything Bagel (remember not to get too attached to these names, lol)

(Limited enrollment of potentially around 10-15 students due to my time requirement & to create "exclusivity" if you want the "market-y" reason.)

The highest eCourse package will have ALL you could possibly need, including lifetime access to the most up-to-date versions of EVERYTHING! It will build on the previous courses and include more in-depth search engine optimization instructions for each page, including how to optimize metadata, images, & tips on creating search engine friendly page copy. As always, everything will be broken down into easily digestible steps with engaging, supporting content. This one will have as many bonuses as I can pack into it, including, but not limited to access to the framework, all of the premium themes I've developed & their corresponding customization tutorials, live lessons for at least some of the more difficult course modules so I can offer help & answer questions in real-time! I may even (potentially) throw in 1 or 2 hours of one-on-one "tutoring" time with me depending on how many students I have. Additionally, this won't be an "evergreen" course & will have to run at intervals that are yet to be determined.

It will probably be priced between $2500 & $3500 with starting commissions at $500-$700, but $700-$875 for those who join the program early! This will launch when finished & will have already been hyped up by the other launches, so people will know it's coming!

Students will have "live" access to my 15+ years of experience in web design & development and my 6+ years of WordPress expertise! And they won't just come away with a website that earns them money, but the knowledge required to do it themselves, and all the tools they need to evolve with their business & the technology!

(Definite prices will be determined when I've completed each course curriculum and know for sure how much content, value, & work went into each one.)

Other Affiliate Opportunities

NEW: The future is now! You can now earn 35% commissions on d6 Portfolios! Here's a TL;DR Breakdown of What That Means:

  • A simple blog for those who are Striving: $250 earns an $87.50 commission!
  • A blog or portfolio for those who are Arriving with content to protect & monetize: $500 earns a $175 commission!
  • A fully-loaded portfolio packed with monetization features & all the bells & whistles for those who are Thriving: $1000 earns a $350 commission!

Learn more about features, why d6 Portfolios are so special, & how they can help their owners achieve their goals here!

But Wait! There's More! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

As an affiliate, you'll have access to a special discount code that will give you 50% off if you buy your own blog or portfolio! Not only that but if you purchase it through your own affiliate link, you'll earn 35% back for a WHOPPING discount!

Here's what that looks like:

  • A simple blog for those who are Striving: $81.25 (instead of $250)
  • A blog or portfolio for those who are Arriving with content to protect & monetize: $162.50 (instead of $500)
  • A fully-loaded portfolio packed with monetization features & all the bells & whistles for those who are Thriving: $325 (instead of $1000)

Want more information? Go here! 🙂

Another way to look at it:

If you buy yourself a simple blog at $81.25 & sell one to someone else at a commission rate of $87.50, you've more than made up for your own investment! Pretty rad, right?

Earning Potential

As you can see, there is potential to make some decent commissions, and you'll be able to use my marketing techniques as I scale everything up to promote my products. And here's a bonus for anyone like me who likes to apply lessons in other areas: you can use the techniques you learn through this affiliate program in your own business!

Let's do this!

So what do you say? Are you ready to change lives with me? Join now & let's make some dreams come true together, including our own!