[Guest Post] Key Strategies to Stay Motivated by Zvidzayi Raphael Chitaunhike

Key Strategies to Stay Motivated

By Zvidzayi Raphael Chitaunhike

It all starts with that bright spark. It is followed by the excitement. The excitement makes you feel full of energy. It makes you motivated. It makes you inspired. It makes you feel on top of the world. The idea may be a business idea. It may be a job prospect. It may be a career prospect. This prospect may make or break your career. It may make or break your life. This may be in the short run or on the long run. You get things going. You start that dream venture. You embark on the job hunting spree.

Somewhere out of nowhere, everything changes. You lose interest. You lose your drive. The motivation goes away. You do not know what it is, but it overpowers you. You begin to spend less time on your pet project. It becomes tedious for you. You apply to less and less job adverts. You end up not applying for any jobs at all. Suddenly it all does not matter any more. The business prospect does not seem so bright after all.

We sometimes go through this loss of interest. You can call it loss of motivation. It may be some time before you realize that this is what has happened to you. You may not notice it. It will take someone else to notice it for you and inform you of this fact. Only then do you realize that you have lost the drive or motivation. Only then do you realize that a long period of time has elapsed and you have not been doing anything that you set out to do initially. This happens even to the best of us. There are ways of beating this problem and get back into the groove of things.

Key strategies of getting back into the groove

Make a commitment

You must make a commitment. The commitment is to you. Tell someone about this commitment. You can say it out aloud. As you say it aloud, you will bring the goals to the fore. This will in turn motivate you to take action.

Have visible goals

You can write your goals down in writing. You can write them on paper or on the computer. They must be put where you can see them daily. If you can see them daily, then you are less likely to forget them. Even if it means that you get to see them several times a day, then it is even better. You can include visuals like pictures of what you what to do or achieve. This will be a better reminder of what you wish to do and what you get out it.

Keep your plan alive

Use the plan that you have drawn and keep it alive. This plan needs to be updated from time to time. You must record any steps that you take on it. The plan should detail what you are doing. It must show the progress that you are making. Any change must be recorded as well. It will help you keep your goal moving.

Control what you can

If there is no more that you can do, then you need to control what you can. Leave out what you cannot control as it is beyond you. You should stop worrying about what you cannot control. You should not stress or waste valuable energy. You get nothing by doing so. Instead you reduce your motivation. Do and use your energy on being productive.

Expect and manage the unexpected

When the unexpected happens, take a different approach to it. Look at it from a different direction. Do not lose focus. Remain positive about it. Try to find what is positive that can come out the unfortunate situation. You need to look out for what you can change in that situation. You must see if there is anything that you can do about it. You can then analyze aspects of the situation that have affected you and know them. In this way you will know what to do to counter them.

Learn from past success

Look back in past where you were successful. Analyze how you became successful. Look at how you became successful. What made you do it? What kept you going? Look for the success formula that you used. Look for what kept you motivated. Use these past success experiences for your current project.

Use Reminders

You need to keep reminding yourself why you are doing this. You must have the desire. This is the key to success, which keeps us going. With desire you are motivated to keep working towards your goals. You need to know why you want what it is that you want. Once you know why you are doing something, you can be clear about your goal. Make further notes about all this. Write the notes down where you can see them, this will keep you going.

Get the support of others

You must tell others or someone about what you are doing. Informing others can motivate us to keep going. You can tell friends, or family, or you can get professional help. You need to tell someone who understands and supports you. Such people have the time to listen to you. They can help you out. They can talk to you. They will be there for you, even when you are down. They will keep you going.

Do more

As you do more, more will be accomplished. As you gain momentum, make the most of it.

Celebrate your successes

You can keep a record of the things that you managed to do successfully. You can keep a diary where you record this. As you celebrate what you succeed in, it keeps you motivated and makes you feel good. You are less likely to be de-motivated.

Finish what you start

Achievement is always great. Make sure that you finish what you have started. Do not leave it uncompleted.

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