What type of Creative Entrepreneur are you?


Which statement best describes you?

Which of the following best describes your content?

Which statement best describes your target audience?

Why does your target audience seek you out?

What kind of content resonates most with your target audience?

What would you rather do with your free time?

Which word best describes you?

What is the overall goal of your content?

What type of Creative Entrepreneur are you?
You're an Artist, Entertainer, Creator, &/or Maker!

Creative energy courses through you & bursts forth in the most artistic & entertaining ways! People are drawn to your imagination & inspired by your work. No matter your medium, you have the talent, dedication, & passion to reach your audience on a deeper level! Wanna know exactly what kind of artist or entertainer you are? Take this quiz to find out & to see where you can go from here!
You're an Educator, Coach, or Consultant!

You have a way of breaking down information so that your audience can understand it, & you enjoy teaching & helping others reach their goals! Your innate ability to explain concepts in an engaging way makes you an ideal educator, coach, or consultant. People find you inspiring because they can tell you really want them to succeed. That's your superpower! Wanna know your specific "teaching" style? Take this quiz to find out & to see where you can go from here!
You're an Influencer &/or Curator!

You take pride in being in-the-know & gathering the content your audience needs & wants to stay on the cutting-edge! Your audience trusts you to deliver the most up-to-date information in your niche. You inspire people to follow your lead with your innate understanding of trends in your niche, & the connection they feel to you keeps them coming back to you for guidance & news. Wanna know how you influence your audience? Take this quiz to find out & to see where you can go from here!
You're a Polyhistor!

You are one interesting person with a lot of varied skills! No label can contain you. You were born to dip a toe in, well, everything! You have a very active mind & see connections between things others cannot. Sometimes the number of interests you have can feel overwhelming as you have trouble focusing on just one thing. Not to worry, though, you are in good company: Pythagoras, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, George Washington Carver, & W. E. B. Du Bois just to name a few! Wanna know more? You can take each of these quizzes for more specific results & see where you can go from here.

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