What is a Creative Entrepreneur?

Creative entrepreneurs set up businesses – or are self-employed – in one of the creative industries, including, but not limited to: art, crafts, design, writing, music, performing arts, software, video games, podcasting, etc.

What type of Creative Entrepreneur are you?

Artists & Entertainers

Artists and Entertainers are probably the most obvious of the creative entrepreneur types. Artists create tangible works of art in various forms: illustrations, photography, paintings, crafts, design, etc. They earn their living by selling their work directly to their audience of followers &/or wholesaling their goods to retailers. They succeed by creating a “product” that speaks to a specific target market.

Entertainers may use a variety of methods & media to create content, like, writing, podcasts, web series, videos, music, etc. They create engaging content that captivates their audience and generate revenue through live performances, direct sales, digital downloads, subscriptions to premium content, merch, sponsorships &/or some variation of advertising and promotional materials. They succeed by building a loyal audience of genuine fans and supporters.

What kind of Artist &/or Entertainer are you?

Educators & Coaches

Educators (may also be referred to as “Thought Leaders”) utilize their talents and information to teach their audience something specific, such as a new skill, how to do something of interest, etc. They generally use a combination of content types and provide free information to build interest, trust, and authority. They succeed by giving away quality content to build a genuine relationship with a large group of followers and selling subscriptions to premium content, eBooks, eCourses, webinars, etc. (& maybe even affiliate marketing of appropriate products) to generate revenue.

Coaches often have magnetic personalities. These dynamic motivators help identify & magnify other people’s potential. They meet with clients in-person, via video chat, or whatever method works best for each team, to give inspiration and guidance. They may also act as “accountability partners” for their clients, offering them the tools needed to bolster their personal growth. They succeed by empowering their clients to reach their personal & professional goals, build their businesses, etc. & they can generate revenue through affiliate marketing of appropriate products, selling subscriptions to premium content, webinars, & live one-on-one coaching sessions (or with groups depending on the niche they serve).

What’s your Teaching or Coaching style?

Influencers & Curators

Influencers (may also be referred to as “Curators”) are known for being “in-the-know.” They have an innate ability to identify what their target audience wants & sell merchandise that other people or companies make, and they earn their living by finding a balance between buying products & selling them to customers. Curating & arranging products that are cohesive & consistent with their brand’s personality is key to their success. They also succeed by using their considerable business savvy and natural ability to define & promote to a target market, and may also generate revenue through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and selling subscriptions to premium content (depending on the niche they serve).

What kind of Influencer (or Curator) are you?

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