d6 Collab Now Has Video Chat!

Just a quick announcement

I’ve added video capabilities to d6 Collab’s chat feature! Now you can have “face to face” conversations with other members on whatever device you choose. (Video chat will also be available to subscribers of elite.d6collab.com when it launches this Saturday!) I’m really excited about what this means for future features! If you’d like to know more, please read the full blog post on d6collab.com. Thanks!

Content Protection for Artists

I have sufficiently and officially disabled right-clicking and highlighting on all devices, across ALL d6 Collab sites, which is a huge step toward helping artists of all kinds protect their content! 😀 I just have to figure out how to exclude certain page elements (so visitors can right click on links again if they like, for example), prevent copying of single blog posts & individual site pages, disable certain key combinations (i.e. ctrl+c, ctrl+x, etc.), and make images even more secure. I have also finished building in the appropriate types of licensing, so artists can apply them directly to their uploads and choose exactly how their work is used, shared, altered (or not), distributed, etc. I’m super excited about my progress so far and can’t wait to keep making these improvements to bring you the best, most artist friendly community possible!