d6 Collab Open to New Beta Testers for Limited Time!

Join now before registration closes again. It’s free!

Good morning (barely)!

I have been working super overtime (seriously) for the last week to redesign, restructure, & prepare d6 Collab for active beta membership, and we are now accepting new members for a limited time only! Join now for free before registration closes again, and help us beta test this revolutionary new social network for content creators, artists, patrons, & art lovers alike! What better way is there to kick off a long weekend than by exploring a brand new social network? 😉

Join while you still can. It’s free!

What can you do on d6 Collab?

Just about anything you can do on the other social networks you are already familiar with, & more!:

  • Have your own profile. (with profile & cover images)
  • Make connections.
  • Post updates. (text, image, video, & audio)
  • Full privacy control.
  • Interact with other members & their content. (favorite & comment on activity)
  • Send public & private messages.
  • Join groups. (more groups coming soon)
  • Chat in our public chat room.
  • Fully responsive mobile site on which you can even take pictures directly with your phone’s camera app. (more on mobile site & app development below)
  • Much more to come! (stay tuned)

Looking for a d6 mobile app? I’ve been working on it, but it’s still in development, as I am not actually a mobile developer myself. In the meantime, follow these simple steps to add d6 Collab to your android’s home screen.

  • Open d6collab.com (or the activity stream, your own profile, etc.) in Chrome.
  • Tap the menu button.
  • Tap “add to home screen”.
  • And that’s it. You now have a handy-dandy d6 icon right on your phone! ?

To add d6 Collab to the home screen of your iPhone: (I had to look this up, as I don’t have an iPhone.)

  • Load d6collab.com (or the activity stream, your own profile, etc.) in Safari.
  • Tap the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap “add to home screen”.
  • All done. You should now have a handy-dandy d6 icon right on your phone! ?

(It may not be the most elegant solution, but it gets the job done for now, and the site is fully responsive & functional in mobile browsers.)

You can help support the development of our mobile apps by purchasing a blog or portfolio right now. Or by making a donation of any size below. Every little bit helps, and I appreciate it more than I can express in words! Here are more than a few Donor Perks I’ve put together to show my gratitude!

Donate to d6 Collab

Make a secure donation through PayPal now, and 100% of it goes directly back into the development of d6 Collab! Thanks so much for your support!


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d6 Collab is obviously an extremely small community out of necessity right now, so it is crucial that our beta testers be as active as possible at first. Please be patient, as the site will likely not be bustling just yet, and that’s okay. Steady growth is sustainable growth! But you can help it grow a little faster, and I am beyond grateful for your support!

Advantages of d6 Collab:

Also, please be patient with me & any technical difficulties we may have in the beginning. I am still the only designer, developer, & administrator of the entire d6 Collab community & network at present, so please exercise patience when reporting a bug. (Come to think of it, I’m the only “employee” there is at all, at the moment.) 🙂

Additionally, d6 Collab must remain in an exclusive private (or closed) beta phase until we raise enough money to accommodate more members & a public beta launch. We appreciate your support during this time & help spreading the word about our upcoming crowdfunding campaign before, during, & after its launch! Please subscribe here for updates on it:

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Join now for free while you still can! I look forward to meeting you! 🙂

Don’t want to help beta test at this time, but still interested in joining? Awesome! Please sign up for our membership waiting list below.

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Thanks so much for your interest!